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Port Security Defense Application

Port security

In view of the requirements of confidentiality regulations and the safety of personnel and equipment of the protection unit, the port shall control and control the "Black Flying" UAV in the working area and living area, and construct a no-flying no-fly zone to make the "Black Flying" unmanned. The machine can't enter the protected area all the time, even if there are occasional drones that can enter.

By effectively deploying an all-weather UAV active defense system and a portable UAV protection system to form a UAV active defense system, a "24-hour static defense" + "dynamic patrol monitoring" protection mode is constructed. Realize the safety protection of the UAV in the designated area and the control and capture of the "Black Flying" UAV, forming an effective barrier against the "Black Flying" UAV, achieving 360-degree global protection of the sensitive area, through networking, Real-time monitoring of the defense status of the protection area in the monitoring center.