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Oil Depot Security Defense Application

Oil defense

The anti-UAV system consists of four main subsystems and modules: search system, photoelectric tracking system, radio frequency interference system and display control unit. The search system completes the monitoring and location indication function of the low-altitude target in the task area, and is composed of a search radar and a radio spectrum monitoring system. The search systems of the two systems can be used independently or in accordance with the environment to improve the detection performance; the optical tracking system The automatic tracking function of the target is completed, so that the directional antenna of the radio frequency interference system can be aimed at the target in real time; the radio frequency interference system is used to complete the directional radio frequency interference function of the target drone GPS and the wireless telemetry link, so that the drone loses control. The flight control unit cannot complete the flight; the display control unit mainly completes the system status monitoring, control, situation display and human-computer interaction functions.