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What is an anti-UAV system?

The anti-UAV system uses radio, radar, sound waves, signals, lasers and other means to prevent the normal operation of the civilian drone and even directly hunting down the drone if necessary. 

The first type mainly uses interference blocking UAV signals, mainly through signal interference, sonic interference and other technologies. At present, most anti-UAV guns on the market are transmitting electromagnetic interference signals, cutting off the connection between drones and operators or navigation.

The second category is rather rude, using direct destruction of drones, including laser weapons. Foreign military companies have similar cases, but the cost is too high.

The third category is the hijacking of drones, which directly take over drones by hijacking radio controls. Need hackers to enter the background to control drones, technically difficult to achieve.

Anti-UAV system

The UAV Active Defense System consist 2 phases: a) Detection - Radar scanning, RF Spectrum Monitoring and Photoelectric tracking and b) Hunting - Interference rejection, Directional Attack and Induce method. It takes intelligent security detection and establishes a management control system covering the entire regulatory airspace.