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ADS2201A Full-band RF Spectrum Monitoring Device

The ADS2201A device is used for real-time monitoring, analysis and directional finding of the flight control signal, image transmission signal and navigation signals of civil UAV(frequency range: 400MHz - 6GHz). It can track the flight path of the UAV by multi-station system.

Key Features

|  Integrated with antenna and receiver module

|  Low power consumption and long hours operating

|  Small size, light weight, easy to set up and remove

|  Automatic detection and direction finding of frequency-fixed and frequency-hopping signals


Standard Configurations


Direction finding host 

(integrated by antenna and direction finding receiving)

1 pcs
2Tripod1 pcs
3Cable1 pcs
4Power adapter1 pcs

Index Parameter

Working Frequency

400MHz - 6GHz (can be customized based on requirement)

Detection Distance
5km (0.1W, Transmisson Power >0.1W)
Lightning Protection MethodBuild-in lightning protection module
Detect Angle


Power220V AC, <=100W
Working Temperature

-40ºC to 65ºC